‘Pokémon GO’ Is Set To Roll Out Some Christmas Day Specials

'Pokémon GO' Is Set To Roll Out Some Christmas Day Specials

‘Pokémon GO’ Is Set To Roll Out Some Christmas Day Specials


It was getting pretty down to the wire as to whether or not Niantic was going to reveal a Christmas/Holiday/New Year’s event for Pokémon GO, but today they’ve finally unveiled their plans. It’s not quite the event many predicted, but it does seem like it’s something to get players playing again regardless, despite the lack of double candy or XP.

The event is actually sort of a pair events, which overlap over the course of the next two weeks. I’m not quite sure why things are structured this way, but here are the main points Niantic has revealed today.

From December 25th to January 3rd:

– PokeStops will give out a single-use Incubator every day, once a day.

– You will now find new eggs that have a greater chance of hatching the Gen 2 Pokémon that Niantic introduced into the game earlier this month, Togepi, Pichu, etc.

– Santa Hat Pikachu will stay around longer than the 29th, when he was supposed to disappear initially. He will also appear more often.

December 30th to January 8th

– The original starters, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmadner, and their evolutions will appear more frequently throughout the world.




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