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Commodore 64


Being a kid of the 80’s, I had a Commodore as my first computer (followed by an IBM XT). My family used to sit around the TV copying Basic programs out of the book, and would attempt to save it to the tape drive that actuallly used cassette tapes. Oh What Fun! It comes in a similar case with integrated keyboard, Dual Core power and nVidia graphics that plays 1080p HD and 3D. You can still do commandline programs with Commodore USA’s custom Linux distribution, called Commodore OS Vision.

“Recreating the Legendary Commodore 64
It’s back… and better than ever! The new Commodore 64 is a modern functional PC as close to the original in design and coloring as humanly possible. Futureproof in its design, it houses a modern mini-ITX PC motherboard that can be upgraded simply by switching motherboards. Commodore USA’s new C64x features Intel’s new 2.13Ghz 64-bit Dual Core D2700 Atom processor coupled with the graphics power of an nVidia GeForce GT 520 graphics chipset for improved 3D gaming ability.

A Keyboard Better Than the Original
The new Commodore 64 features genuine Cherry brand key switches, which provide a feel much better than the original, with a lovely IBM classic mechanism and click sound. The keys are the exact same shape as the original and are color matched. No expense has been spared. This is the ultimate hackers keyboard on which to wield your key-fu.

Modern Media for a Modern Day Computer
The new Commodore 64 also features an optional slot load R/W DVD or Blu-ray drive on the left side of the unit.The C64x comes with 4Gb of DDR3 memory as standard.

A 21st Century Update
A multi format card reader/writer and a USB slot are provided on the right side of the unit. There are additional USB slots on the rear of the unit for all your peripheral needs. The classic power light is now the power button.

Connects to the Latest TVs and Monitors
The new Commodore 64 can be connected to the latest televisions and monitors, and through the power of its nVidia hardware accellerated video decoding, can deliver 1080p HD quality video playback from either Blu-ray or an internet stream for an excellent home theater experience. Blutooth 3.0 technology and two external wireless n wifi antenae are included for exceptional connectivity to a home network or peripherals.

The New Commodore 64 Is Fun!
Commodore USA’s custom Linux distribution, called Commodore OS Vision, comes pre-installed on the C64x which will allow you to play all your favorite 8-bit era Commodore games with a single click.

It even has the option to boot right into the original C64’s full screen READY prompt (left), where you can also launch classic games. Commodore OS Vision also allows you to boot straight into the included XMBC Media Center allowing you to use the C64x as a home theater system.

A Computer for Work or for Play
Don’t forget that the new Commodore 64 is a fully functional PC compatible, so you can even install and use the latest versions of Windows if you really feel you need to. We provide a beautiful graphical boot menu at start up from which Windows can be selected to run, so you needn’t lose any of the functionality of the new C64’s included operating systems. Commodore OS Vision comes with the WINE compatibility layer pre-installed which is capable of running some Windows software. VirtualBox is also included with Commodore OS Vision, allowing you to install Windows and run Windows software on same screen as Commodore OS Vision seamlessly merging their windows and visual components on the same screen.”


Commodore 64

Commodore 64 Card Reader

Commodore 64

Commodore 64 Back Panel




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