Nintendo NES Classic Hack to Add More Games

Nintendo NES Classic Hack to Add More Games

The Nintendo NES Classic has only been out for a month and people already found a way to hack more games on to it. Reports have shown over 60 games total can be loaded on the small machine.

Here’s a short list of how to hack the Nintendo NES Classic, I’m sure there’s really more to it.

– Installing the right USB boot software for the NES Classic’s AllWinner processor on your PC.

– Making sure you have a saved game in the first save slot of Super Mario Bros.

– Connecting your PC and console together with a Micro-USB cable.

– Holding down the Reset button on the NES Classic to boot it into “FEL” mode.

– Using madmonkey’s own open-source tool to save the contents of your NES to your PC.

– Unpacking the NES Classic’s kernel on your PC with the tools.

– Injecting the ROMs you want to add and any images you want to appear as box art.

– Reflashing the kernel to the NES Classic with the same tools.

– Praying that you don’t screw things up and brick your hard-to-find system.

Now we all still have to find the damn machine!





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